Does Your Business Have These IT Concerns?

Does your business never see your IT support person or company?  Do they always seem to be unavailable?

Cybersecurity is more important today than it ever was.  Is your company protected from the latest threats out there?

Being able to operate when a disaster such as fire, flood, theft, cyber attacks, and even malicious employees, is critical to the survival of any business.  All companies from the smallest to the largest enterprisess should have a documented and tested Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCDR)

Technology is constantly evolving.  Keeping up with the technology is critical to keeping a business modern and efficient.  You don’t need to still be using those old systems.  While it may be convienient, and well known, older systems lack the support and updates to keep them secure, hence being a risk to your company.

Does it seem like every month or every quarter, your IT costs keep increasing yet you don’t know why?  While sometimes it is necessary for sudden expenditures to occur with technology, usually, your IT costs should be predictable and stable month to month. Improvements and projects should be planned and budgeted.

It is very common for business owners, especially small to meduim owners, to have no idea what their IT infrastructure consists of.  They know there is some room or closet that has equipment in it, yet they don’t know what it does.  If an emergency occurs, only the IT person or company knows what things are.  Your network and infrastructure should be fully documented. You can’t plan for growth if you don’t know what you have to begin with.

As with the “old School” IT support, there are also a lot of in-experienced IT support persons out there.  Yes, we all have to start somewhere, but do you want your company to be the learning lab for someone just getting into the IT industry?

More and more business are being requred to follow industry standard compliance and show they are in compliance on a regular basis.  PCI, HIPPA, and CMMC, just to name a few, are becoming more and more prevalent, even in small businesses.  Do you know what compliance requirements your business needs?  

If any of these concerns describe your business, we can help.

Reach out today and learn how Mackey Information Technology can be your IT partner.

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Having Issues With Your Current Managed IT Services Provider?

Are you are frustrated with your current Managed IT Services and Support provider? Don’t know what your IT person actually does for your business? Is your IT support provider missing in action or only supports you remotely? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We can provide a non-intrusive onsite assessment of your current IT and cyber security posture and provide recommendations on how your business can leverage technology to be more efficient and successful.

When you partner with Mackey Information Technology, you are establishing a business relationship with an experienced and dedicated LOCAL support team that will ensure your IT infrastructure is stable and designed for YOUR business. 

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Server Co-Location facility

CoLocation services

Mackey Information Technology has partnered with a leading state-of-the-art data center to provide our customers a reliable location for their co-located equipment.  Some of the features of the data center include:

  • 2N Power Delivery – 100% concurrently maintainable power

  • High-Performance Cooling – High performance 2N cooling

  • Comprehensive 24×7 data center security

  • Diverse entry points from Tier 1 carriers.

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Enterprise Class BCDR Solutions For Small Business

Businesses today are up against a variety of challenges including complex and sophisticated cyber attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

Safeguard your data against these challenges with a hardware-free Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution. With hardware-free BCDR, businesses have the security of fast disaster recovery and business continuity, without the cost and hassle of expensive appliances. Limit your downtime to minutes, not days! Don’t wait until your business suffers data loss. Be proactive, not reactive today!

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Are We A Fit For your Business?

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On this call, we will discuss your current IT environment, any issues or concerns you have, your cyber security posture, and answer any questions you may have.  If we come to a mutual agreement that we may be a fit for your business, we will then determine the next steps. 

If we are not a fit, we will tell you up front.  We don’t want to waste your valuable time as well as ours.

What our Clients aRE saying about us!

"They know what they are doing!"

Aside from their great knowledge of networks, servers, security and hardware, much of MIT's value to our company is his continual contact with a wide range of varying IT scenarios - which helps us make better choices by having their experience as a factor in our decision making. Another benefit is their ability to zero in on the root issue of a problem without succumbing to distractions and wasting valuable time before enacting a resolution. Of course, it all becomes better when you add in the fact that they monitor our networks and are available on a 24/7 basis. the bottom line is better performance for our enterprise at a very, very reasonable rate.

Robert / IT Manager, Manufacturing Services Company

"Excellent Service!"

We have been utilizing Mackey Information Technology for consulting and IT support to our small business for several years. We have always found them knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. I would definitely recommend Mackey Information Technology to any business interested in cost-effective technology services.

Chuck / Industrial Services Company

"Our IT Company!"

As a small business we cannot have a person dedicated to IT on staff, but as a company that relies on technology to survive we must have big business support for our systems and peripherals. We run an ERP system throughout the company, have CAD on site, run a CRM package, and have an outside sales force with laptops and iPhones. This is all supported on-site ½ a day a week by Mackey Information Technology and more importantly remotely monitored and serviced by Mackey Information Technology 24/7/365

John / Industrial Manufacturing Company

Small Business Onsite and Remote IT Services 

Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Planning and Solutions

Server Implementation & Maintenance

Network Design and Support

Enterprise level SIEM (Security Incident and Event Monitoring)  

Onsite and Offsite Data Backup and Migrations

Business Compliance Consulting

Server Co-Location Services

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